Bethany Beach … and the Asus android tablet

I’m slowly getting better with the tablet.  This post is coming straight off the beach using the android wordpress app.  Last summer, I took my sweetie cycling along highway 1.  There are wide — and signed — bike lanes on the side and we were cooking along until she ran over something that gave her an instant flat.  Alas, she lost control of the bike, fell, and broke her wrist.  Yikes.  Several pins and some fetching wee scars later, she’s recovered but swore off cycling.  But who could resist cycling at bethany beach?  and with me?!?  Unimaginable.  Here we have it:  photographic proof that we’ve gone cycling together again (with nary a mishap). 


This photo started in the DSLR, came into the tablet via a flash card, and then got cropped, color washed, and framed in pilxr-o-matic.

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