Getting Close

We poured over maps at the family reunion.  My uncle Charlie loves traveling and has made a lifetime of visiting different places.  He could almost taste our trip as he sketched out route variations with his finger.  The plan got a bit more solid once we established internet access in the beach house.  We’ve got about two weeks to work with before I’ve got to send the older one back to the younger one in New York.  No hard deadlines, but she’s got more stuff that’s got to get done this summer than I do.

New York to Calgary by plane.  Shuttle to Banff.  Hostel for two nights while we explore and stock up on food.  Cycle south.  250 miles to the border, another 100 miles to Whitefish.  Options abound.  Maybe she’s done with the trip and flies back before the two weeks are done; maybe she’s addicted and we try to make Helena. 

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