Leaving Bethany Beach

Wrapped up the family reunion this morning.  Now it’s a race to get everything set for the Great Divide.  As an expert absent-minded planner, I’ve lost all the relevant maps.  Mysterious.  Looking for them in the hours before we left for the beach, I found the ones I ordered a decade ago, back when I was sure that I was leaving for the Great Divide that very summer.  Those are the maps we poured over in the beach house.  I’m really not quite sure what we’ll do if I don’t find them — perhaps the backup sections I ordered will arrive as we depart.  Or perhaps the day after … :-)

departure, 8am and packed.

Alternatively, I could figure out how to use the GPS.  On my own, I would just bumble along happily enjoying everything, but that daughter of mine wants more structure.  Luckily, the maps just have to be around somewhere.  Probably right next to the water filter that I very briefly had in the ‘going traveling’ box.  Alas, I’m too tired to worry about it tonight.  Too much driving, too much traffic coming into New York.  Tomorrow is another (hot) day.  Nighty, night.


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