There’s a reason I’m not posting much :-)

Somehow the dark of winter is making posting hard.  I don’t get out as much.  And stuff inside doesn’t seem as fun to photograph.  On the other hand, I contributed $6.50 toward the US trade deficit with China and bought an ‘intervalometer’ for my camera.  This device lets you 1) decide how many pictures you want to take, 2) how long between pictures, and 3) how long to leave the shutter open!  Awesome!

So I promptly took time-lapse photos of grading.  Exciting.  Then of working out upstairs.  Also exciting.  Then bicycling the next morning in the basement.  This is my life.  Exciting.  The collage below has a sample of these as evidence of why, exactly, I haven’t been posting much.  :-) Grade papers.  Lift weights.  Ride trainer.  Repeat.

Grade papers. Lift weights. Ride trainer. Repeat.

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