sitting on the back porch

sitting on the back porch

It doesn’t look it, but I had fun riding my mountain bike on the trail system nearby.  I had to keep reminding myself to let go of my frustration with people who steal bikes; to let go of stuff and simply enjoy where and who I was.  Here were some things that helped:

1.  I’m wearing armor underneath my shirt.  It’s a cool mesh shirt with high-tech gel padding on the shoulders and sides that stiffens on impact but stays light and rubbery until needed.  Skid plates in back shelter the spine.  It was a gift from my uncle charlie who figures we’re going to keep riding (and falling) for at least another thirty years.  I’m with him!

2.  On top of my shirt is the best cycling backpack and knapsack ever — raptor 14 from osprey — and a gift from my lovely wife.  I packed in a repair stuff, water, pump, first aid kit, food, wallet, etc, because the problem with not riding for a while is that nothing works quite right when you start again!

In the end, I didn’t crash, nothing broke, and I got back home more at peace than when I left.  Wearing my two gifts subtly re-establishes the equilibrium I need in my world and reminds me that stuff is less important than the messages they carry.  Very deep.  Now clearly time for a shower!

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