Stories for 2014

This is the first lock on the C&O canal (starting from Cumberland, MA).  Well before the rain.

by lock 75On the way back, it looked like this:

C&O canal trailAn inch or so of rain water in a long continuous puddle until the trees closed together in the distance.  I was using my fabulous cycling rain jacket from Myriam, so my middle was dry.  But water was gradually seeping into my boots and it was getting colder.

cumberlandThis is the last bit of trail.  I only include this photo because you can see a mountain on the left, then it’s obscured by low clouds, then you see the houses on the other side of the river.  I used photoshop to darken the colors and up the contrast, but I cycled for a mile staring over at this view and wondering, “is that really a mountain?”  “Maybe it’s just a cloud….”  I was freezing cold and cycling through my own personal puddle of water at about 4 mph wondering if I was seeing things — or only imagining that I was seeing things.

Here’s a self-portrait at the end.

self portrait in glassIn a moment of personal grace, I’d stashed fresh warm comfortable clothes in the car for the drive back.  I didn’t realize that I’d be soaking wet and too stiff to bend when I got back.  I forced myself to break the bike down and put everything in the car before stripping down in the parking lot.  It actually felt warmer than wearing clothes.  I went right to bed after arriving home and couldn’t get the stuff out of the car — everything had frozen in place.  Luckily, I was home and dry!

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