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This started out as an attempt to document an adventure planned for the summer of 2012.  My goal was to try to cycle the Great Divide Bicycle route from Banff down to Denver.  I had about five weeks for it and was looking forward to the kind of personal reflective time that’s hard to come by married and with two daughters.

One of the daughters wanted in, so we put together an alternative.  We had a great time preparing for the trip and ended up spending a week together getting almost nowhere but having a blast doing it.

In the year that followed, I continued with more posts for a year but I need a new theme!  Who knows, it could turn out to be my doctoral classes!

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  1. This is a heck of a lot of fun. And there’s a growing sense of commitment that comes from building the website and posting thoughts. Now I just have to get all the ducks in row . . . .

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